Thursday, March 5, 2020

The stead figure, the threshold

The stead old man or the stead figure. Character is walking with his friends Reacher and Abela. They walk up to a square and there's this man who's stood there. As if he's been frozen in time like hes a wax work or something. And he's stairing looking into this square that's full of people trading and interacting and talking in different languages but it's as if the spectacle of the moment has petrified him. There is nothing particularly interesting about what he is looking at. The stall he is looking at is actually empty there's a steel metal frame with a tarpaulin around it there's a few holes in it. Its material is blue. His pockets are full with things. He doesn't have a phone. I'm not sure what he is but I think it could be important maybe there can be totemic people, a mystic quality to a person and the whole room just spins around them without them even knowing. I don't think this old man gives a fuck. He might not even be conscious, he might be dead actually. But he's there and he's still like sturdy. Like a statue sort of. Because he's an old man people might go up to him and ask if he's okay but he doesn't respond as he survives on this other time scale like a tree. More of an entity than a human.

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