Monday, March 9, 2020

I have to apply tricks

Undercurrent of puritanical stuff.
Lots of uptight people.
Victorian house was nine and my sister was on the way.
Totally capably.
I think that was the story for a lot of people, well-educated but stifled.
Fact gathering.
Early on your mother tried to teach you piano.
I was a slacker, I just wanted to be a monkey hangout in a tree.
Basic harmony.
My hand postures.
Over and over.
My mother would buy me something if I was sick.
Kind of provincial.
Real success.
A big point of pride for him.
Jumped about in different resort bands.
There was one label. A sort of trivial pursuit.
The covers band in St Petersburg, a covers band would be the intermediary between the iron curtain.
Confused haywire bad decisions.
The capacity for it.
Bigger and better machines. It was like a mirror for me, that’s basically it, why don't we listen to one of the first things you did. Depends when I die, I guess
A big point of pride for him.
Put that to trial.
Feral cats, upstairs it was a happy scene. So informational. The closet was divided.
It was a brutal thing.
Imagined in these little studios, phantasmagorical shit.
It doesn't come wherever.
There was like an urgency.
Spirit and intensity.
I wouldn't see only violence here though.
They don’t sing they just screech in pain.
He had enabled my whole thing.
He had put out Russian mine.
The riffs.
The stuff that your making is not noise, though. By the time that double leopards
It’s physical.
In the balustrades.
Locked in this dungeon, in this focus zone.
There is something to be said, for doing that.
We brought our synthesizers in.
We have some of the same stuff.
This fluffy grey exterior, the slipper that will be changed once it worn through.
A city full of electric tigers just walking around, the ultra-clean surface.
Creating a zoo. I want to create a zoo. Generally, the megalomaniac doesn't survive for long because they end up eating the other producers.

Are there other people involved?

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