Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Change clanking. 
Bags russel. Plastic exteriors. Fruits placed next to the plastic kin. 
Exchanges occur, back and forth changing hands. 
Swift maneuvers and calls to the crowd.
Money is made, lost, departed with. 
Wasps. Chatter. Thanks.
Packed away for next time.
Into boxes into vans.
Into the pockets next to plans.
Some are making money some are losing it.
The bell rings next to the babies cry.
Its more crowded in that area. 
Forgotten relics.
Unravelling overlocks.
Unsold clothes are discarded left Sodden when left out.
Once someones in somebodies life now outside of it.
At the moment of tyranicalsanctions.
At the moment of transitio.
At the moment of transitio.
Transaction denied. Defiled. Declined.