Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Project as a Sprawl. And as a beginning of a beginning. Inside of the Pocket.

 When starting a project it is in a sense a germination. The beginning of something. There are many beginnings. Beginnings are often stunted by the appeal of another beginning. A tab is replaced by another tab, by another beginning. Half-formed. A collaboration is eclipsed by another tactile opportunity. To jump from one project to another, to another. Leapfrogging through constant fluctuations and potentials. Continually turning machines on only to turn them off a few moments later. 

Pockets are beginnings, they often have the same contents. Keys, wallets, purses, coins, tissues, phones, earphones, paper, receipts, lint, facemasks. The items are then routinely removed. Ordered and replaced if necessary. The start of the day marks a new pocket. A new organisation a permutation of the pocket. Back pocket, front pocket, small pocket, jacket pocket. The backpack is a huge pocket. a compiling of the pocket. A serialisation of pockets attached to handles or straps. Made easy for transport for handling. 

Can a beginning be a pocket? We have several empty boxes. Fresh boxes. Fresh starts. New days. And perhaps we choose to pull the same boxes from the wall as it is convenient. Each day the boxes can be arranged in front of us with new permutations. Then why do they continually remain in the same order. The same language employed at the same moment. The glass container is a beginning it is refilled. It is fresh. The water is replaced anew. Each time a new beginning. How does it exist without the water? Is it therefore lacking a beginning.

What is a beginning with three n's in the middle? It is a beginnning. But what if there are three before the g at the end then it would be a beginnninnng. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Of Quotes.

 It's a painting of a medusa and its scary

Generational changeover, perhaps


Standard grids with locked out areas; completely unapproachable

Cups of Xanthine

I'm a Xanthrope

All this dirty furniture

Spilling into the future