Friday, October 15, 2021


Searching for 
You have a lot
There were petrol shortages in _
Backup the road
Bleach... backed up 
Chop mine off 

building and supporting these technologies, leverage questions 
bolstering the content
its okay the experts are supporting
participate in it's leaderboard
release a feature
"commercial technologies to reflect the diverse landscape that our users work within everyday"
improve the health and detail of content being created 
    *return outside*

they swooped down to begin their first feed of the night
barbed teeth 
a spiked tongue
latching onto an uninformed victim  

    *exterior once more*
thousands of eggs rain form the sky 
culling thousands of pavements
lining the soles of studded boots and concrete elephants
*return outside again*



16 sides this side of the blindside
18 miles to drive until we're on the right side
took me back to back to a place in my minds eye 
Got back caught 
Boss Logic
Back here this time with a dimestyle

Broken machine

At every-point it clunks
Turns to a halt
Incorrect, turning at half step intervals 
Plugging and misfiring 
An angered receptor flails and retires to another room 
Hiding around the corner, away, at a distance
Staying cloaked
Retaining removal, distance
Particles, binding, frotting and shunting
Back to the start, working it out again 
The keys are grounding
Worked, skin peeling, fleks layers receeding
Grounded smoothed