Wednesday, June 17, 2020

4 words

I just ran twelve marathons without any water.
My body became the exact substance humanity tried to banish years ago,
I set myself rules and them washed them with water.
I heard you can create real waves without any mechanical alterations.

There is nothing going on inside that persons hat.
I thought there might have been .
But there was not.
They will be ecstatic when the removal of all public monument occurs; I will be too.

They hadn't written down my number they just pretended.
Hard water, cold water.
Black water, brown water.
Crown Water, damp water
Old water, frown water

Check yourself before you check into yourself

Put that back in the bin
Get it out of the bin and then put it back in the bin anew
Crazed fever and globular membranes a-new
Bodies filled the streets

Empowered and heated
Sweating limbs removed their ability to process
They re-engaged and moved forward
And asked to speak directly to the body