Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Back teeth

I just looked at my dog.
Does it even know anything.
I wonder what she is thinking about.
Nothing I suppose.

Dogs don't think.
I wonder if they pray.
I've never seen a dog put there paws together or lean forward onto their knees.
What would they need to pray for anyway.
More walks.
A bigger bowl.
They don't have the capability to have ideas.

I saw a different dog, the other dog, eating from their owners hand.
How degrading.
Or stimulating for some perhaps...
It was a blood hound.
It looked past it like most blood hounds do.
Too much skin.
Too much skin for their little body to carry.

I think if I were to get another pet it would be an eagle.
Maybe they could be vegetarian and they could go pick up garlic for me.
Not wild garlic just from the shop you know.

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